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Book Club Discussion Questions

1. "Home" means different things to different characters. How does it apply to Turner? Eva? Eb? George?

2. At what point did you realize that the woman writing the letters to her mother must be hiding at Elm Grove?

3. What do Eva’s letters to her mother convey about Eva? And about her mother?

4. Why would Eva burn the letters she has written to her mother?

5. Why the rock wall? What does George hope to achieve?

6. Why are roving bands of Freedmen so prevalent throughout the South at this time?

7. How does Slive justify slavery? Do any other characters share this view?

8. Which character or characters best exemplify the Southern Cause?

9. Why does Eva make the choice that she makes?

10. What if Hood had won at Nashville? How might this have changed the course of the war?


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